Cockayne Syndrome and the Public...

  • The public should know about Cockayne syndrome because they need to be aware of the disorders they don’t see everyday or may never see in their lifetime, but that exist and could use a cure just as much as cancer or any other disease or virus.
  • Rare disorders like Cockayne syndrome need to be publicized in schools or through television, so people can see there are disorders in the world that take lives and have no support from the general public because they just don't know about them.
  •  A program that recognizes rare disorders all together would help as SHS, it'd be impossible to have individual programs for each disorder which would take thousands of groups or clubs, but I think that atleast one program should be put in place to educate students on these disorders, because I don’t think enough is being done at SHS for this cause.
  • The same programs that would be in SHS  could help in the community, one program addressing the rare disorders as a whole to get the word out about these disorders, and let the citizens know not enough is being done at the moment to help people who suffer from these rare disorders like Cockayn syndrome.
  •  like many rare disorders there is no federal effort to fund education on, or treatment of Cockayne syndrome.
  • Individuals should educate themselves about the troubles of rare disorders and use that education to spread the word and help the people across the world with these disorders, because even though you may not see these disorders affect people in your everyday life they do affect people everyday and they can use the support of the people.